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swallowed in the sea

and I could write a song a hundred miles long

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Birthdate:Jan 27
Location:Indiana, United States of America
I'm Haley. I love life when it's not being obnoxious. :3

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advice, agnosticism, animal crossing, animal planet, awesome beards, bad movies, battlestar galactica, bear mccreary, bears beets battlestar galactica, biology, bright colors, british accents, caps lock, cats, chapstick, chuck palahniuk, coldplay, cuddles, culture, curly hair, cute hair, death note, debating, disney, dr pepper, drawing, driving, drumline, earthbound, encyclopedia dramatica, ender's game, ender's shadow, english, eskimo kisses, fashion, freeware games, futurama, gauis baltar, german, gravity, happy people, horror, hot chocolate, hugging, icons, invisible monsters, iwbtg, james "sawyer" ford, jears, john mayer, kingdom hearts, knowledge, koji kondo, learning, life, link, lost, lullaby, luna, making ugly faces, marching band, marimba, mario bros, mario party parties, micheal crichton, mother 3, movies, ms paint adventures, muse, music, mystery, nerds, next, nintendo, nintendo 64, nintendo power, nobuo uematsu, omegle trolling, open minds, orange nail polish, orchestras, orlando bloom, oversized sunglasses, painting, percussion, phil's epic hat, photography, pirates of the carribean, pokemon, pro choice, proper grammar, psychology, purple, rammstein, reading, religion, retsuprae, roller coasters, say anything, sayid jarrah, sexy voices, shoes, spicy food, sprites, starbursts, straightedge, stuff, stupid internet quizzes, super nintendo, super smash brothers, tattoos, tetris, texting, the academy is..., the human mind, the legend of zelda, the lion king, the perks of being a wallflower, the sims, the speed gamers, the spill canvas, the surgeon, the used, this looks shopped, thrice, tpobaw, vibraphone, video games, waaaallllltt, we have to go back kate, wii, wit, writing, xylophone, yoshi's island, youtube, zebra stripes
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